Your First-Time Home Buying Questions Answered

Although there are still a lot of UK citizens finding their living conditions tough and challenging, there have been reports of a significant increase in mortgage lending over time. The reason:  first-time home buyers are pushing it forward, regardless of how they have received feedback that times maybe a bit tough in the recent years.

Now, buying a house can truly be daunting, and if not given careful thought and consideration, you can end up broke and homeless. It’s a huge financial responsibility and can bring about a lot of confusion to the uninitiated. To make it less stressful for you though, here are the answers to some of the questions you probably have in your mind.


I don’t want to miss out on a great house, what if I’m unable to afford it?

If it’s a newbuild property, you might still have a chance at owning it… with someone else. Shared property ownership has proven to be helpful to a lot of first-time buyers. What you can do with this scheme is that you buy a portion of the property and pay rent for the rest from the Housing Association. As your financial situation improves, you maybe able to afford buying the portion that you do not own. Be mindful though that this will only work if you can afford the deposit – if you’re buying just half of the property, you’re very likely required to put in not as much deposit as when you’re buying the entire home.

What else can I resort to in terms of being able to afford the home purchase?

There are property organisations that are implementing a lot of affordable housing schemes to make sure consumers and first-time property buyers are able to step on the ladder. The UK Government also has the Help to Buy scheme in place where a variety of programmes can help you with the “dream”.

More so, you can still seek out the help of your family and friends with the deposit money, as long as it has to be given to you (in legal terms: “gifted deposit money“), and has to be put in writing. Your mortgage lender will have a look at this and verify that you do not have any other borrowed money as they may reckon it would keep you from being able to keep up with your repayments.

What do I have to do next if I decide to use the Help to Buy scheme?

Start writing things down: what you need and what’s nice to have. Looking for a property to buy and taking on an affordability scheme may take weeks to get sorted so make sure you organise things carefully. Do not forget to always check your list against your budget.

What happens after I have made up my mind on buying a property?

You’ll have to find someone to take care of the legal work for you. Otherwise, you might end up having too much paperwork and tasks to complete; not to mention pending approvals from certain institutions that require a legal expert to get them sorted. You can find a conveyancer on as they enable you to compare quotes online.

Yes, conveyancing may take long (up to 12 weeks) but you’re guaranteed anyway that things will go well in the end if you choose and instruct the right one. It’s a process that you’re required to go through, or your purchase (together with your money) may go down the drain. A solicitor or licensed conveyancer accredited by the Conveyancing Quality Scheme is always recommended as they can ensure that the process is carried out according to certain standards of compliance and quality.

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What else should I consider?

Mortgage – this is very important. As much as possible, don’t look for a house if you have not sorted out your mortgage application first. Getting a mortgage in principle, at the very least, should put your seller under the impression that you’re serious and ready.

What about buying the property itself?

Just because you thought you fell in love with the Victorian architecture or the lawn doesn’t mean you have to make an offer right then and there. No, don’t buy the first one you laid your eyes on. Have a look at a few other properties and compare them, just show you would any other goods or services in the market. Always put your needs on top of the list and think of how the area would affect your intent to sell in in the future.

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