Window Treatment Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

When it comes to window treatment, there are two main areas that you need to be concerned about – style and functionality. While it is easy to figure out the length, width and the basic functionality of the drapes, it not so easy to figure out the fabric, the shade and the style. The choices you make not only enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your house, but they provide privacy and warmth to your home as well. The best way to achieve this goal is to conduct an in-depth research about window treatment and suitable interior solutions. In this case, the information given below will be highly useful to you.

The Pattern

The rule is very simple – if you have patterned furniture in the room, opt for solid coloured drapes. On the other hand, if the furniture is solid and plain, choose patterned drapes. It is best to base your choice on the dominant furniture in the room. For instance, if you are purchasing curtains Australia for your bedroom, base the pattern of fabric on the pattern of your bedding. Try not to purchase extreme patterns since they can be unattractive to the eye. Instead, look for a simple pattern with a subtle style. These include patterns such as paisley and dots. You can also choose graphic prints that complement the rest of the room. Although some might consider this style to be radical, it can actually look spectacular in larger rooms.


The Material

Firstly, you need to take the mood of the room into account. For instance, if it is a formal space such as an office room, you can opt for heavy silk or velvet material. These are great insulators and thus will enable you to preserve the temperature in the room without a heating system. However, you will have to have the drapes dry cleaned since these materials can get easily damaged inside a washing machine. For a more casual mood, such as for your bedroom, you might want to try cotton sateen or billowy linen. These are practical, cost-effective and most often washable. Moreover, these materials complement any type of décor and thus will be suitable for your bedroom regardless of its interior style.

The Colour

The colour of the drapes does not necessarily have to complement the rest of the room. It can either blend in or stand out. Either way, it definitely will look attractive. When blending the colour of the drapes with the rest of the room, you do not have to choose the same shade. Choose the same tone as the wall, but make sure that it is a few shades darker. You can also try a non-dominant shade in the room. This could be the colour of the rug or even the couch. It is important to remember that the colour of the drapes could influence the mood of the room when there is sunlight. Thus, do not opt for something dark since it can make the atmosphere eerie even during daytime.

When purchasing drapes for your home improvement project, do not forget to focus on these three key features. They can not only influence the cost of the purchase and installation, but they will have an effect on the overall atmosphere of your room. Therefore, make sure to consider each of the above thoroughly and individually.

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