Tips To Keep Your Home Safe And Secure

Every week we hear about homes and premises being broken into and personal items stolen. Some parts of the country are more at risk than others, however none of us are completely safe and everything possible should be done to prevent it from happening.

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Use Your Common Sense

Many things are really just common sense; you may like your privacy and your high hedge that surrounds your back garden, but anyone thinking of breaking into your house will also like the privacy it gives them as well as they can work undisturbed until they get what they are after. Consider reducing the height of the hedge so your garden can be observed by your neighbours and also attach a dummy security camera high up on the wall to put any potential burglar off.

Many Break Ins Use The Victims Own Tools

Many break ins are carried out with the victims own tools and equipment so take a look at your garden shed and think about how secure it actually is. Some people will leave garden tools and ladders in an unlocked shed, never considering what they could be used for. A ladder or even a garden bench could be used to gain access to a flat roof which in turn will mean they have access to an open upstairs window. Chain up your ladder as an added security measure with a 30mm Double Locking Brass Padlock which comes with a hardened steel shackle. Make sure your shed is secure by using Button Resistorx Self Tapping screws which are suitable for outdoor use. They come with a central pin preventing removal by a standard torx tool.

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Making Things Difficult For Opportunist Thieves

Of course if the break in is planned well in advance it may be difficult to prevent but for opportunist thieves, make it more difficult for them by always using your window locks, making sure you close all accessible windows before going to bed and fitting an effective 5 lever lock to all external doors.

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