Tips To Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

It seems that summer is over and it won’t be long before we are all drawing our curtains early in the evening as the shorter days approach. It may seem very appealing to sit in front of a roaring fire watching TV all evening but whilst you are doing that there may be other people using the cover of darkness for other things.

For those in society who are planning to break into other people’s homes, darkness is just the thing they wait for. They won’t be quite so easily spotted as they go about their business and have more chance of getting away with their illegal pursuits in someone’s dark back garden. However there are things you can do to make life much more difficult for these people.Image result for Tips To Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

High fences or hedges may seem like a good idea to retain some privacy but they also offer cover to a burglar so cut back bushes and hedges to a slightly lower level. If you are thinking of replacing any paths or your driveway then consider using gravel or stones which will allow you to hear when anyone is approaching rather than other surfaces which would be silent

Outdoor security lighting is never a bad idea for any home owner so make sure you have a reliable light with a decent detection range to cover your garden or drive. No burglar wants to risk being detected so this is often a good deterrent. If you go for something such the Timeguard 5 Watt LED you will cut down on running costs.

If you have other visible deterrents on your property then hopefully your home will be bypassed by such people. If you don’t want to go to the expense of a full security system them consider fitting a dummy security camera instead.

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