The Luxury Of Plug Sockets With Built In USB

A product which I came across recently has become something of an obsession and I can’t recommend them highly enough. The product is a twin plug socket but with the addition of two USB charging sockets. I first came across one in an internet café I was visiting recently and searched around online and quickly found a twin switched socket with 2xusb which suited my needs from Edwardes.

The beauty of these is that they fit in place of a standard twin wall socket and give you the benefit of having two USB outlets for charging phones, tablets, iPods etc without the need for a bulky charger. They just look really neat and have attracted comment from everyone who has seen them whilst visiting.

Outdoor sockets for winter safety

To be honest I have probably gone a bit over the top and now have them in my living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom! My next place to install one is in the little office I have just made in our small spare bedroom. I plan on having one on the back of my desk in an angled bench pedestal unit to give a really professional appearance, I’ll just wire it up like a mains extension lead from an existing socket. Something to note is that these sockets are fitted exactly like a standard twin socket and so it is totally legal for you to retro fit these yourself in place of an existing socket.

It wouldn’t surprise me though that they become very commonplace in new house builds in order to appeal to young house buyers. Another great use would be for businesses with offices. Fitting these sockets would mean that staff weren’t tempted to charge their phones from the USB sockets on the desktop computers or laptops so avoiding the risk of data being sent to unwanted devices either accidentally or otherwise.

I tell you, when I come to sell my house the estate agent is going to have such an easy time as I reckon these sockets alone will sell the house for him.

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