Find Out the Specialties of EveryBed Mattress Protectors

Similar to different insurances you buy to ensure recompense of your loss caused by car accident or burglary at home, in order to protect your investment in high class mattress, you can think of buying premium standard Guardian Protection Products mattress protectors. Since a very minor stain or mark on your costly mattress is adequate to make its warranty void, with a mattress protector you can save your mattress from day to day unintentional accidents like blots from beverage or water spills, seepage of human body oil, saliva, leakage of marker pen and discharge of body fluids or saliva and more.

Thus, just by pocketing out a mere percentage of your huge investment in mattress buying, you can keep it ever shiny, stain-free which eventually adds in healthy sleeping experience. Guardian’s exclusive standard mattress protectors are available in four different models branded as EveryBed Red, EveryBed CoolYellow +, EveryBed CoolGreen+ and EveryBed Cool Blue+.


EveryBed Unique Features

  • Hypoallergenic

Unlike chief quality average mattress protectors available in the stores, mattress protectors manufactured by Guardian Protection Products are prepared with 100% hypoallergenic that protect your wellbeing by elimination of possible exposure to dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. The fabric used in all models of EveryBed is of exclusive quality and are allergy resistant. This facilitate you stay aside from runny nose, headache as well asthma problems.

  • Waterproof

All EveryBed series mattress protectors are made waterproof and with this, the protector’s guard your mattress from beverage spills. If you’ve a new born baby or infant prone to wetting the bedding, this can produce unsightly stains, which cannot be removed. This not only spoils the look of the mattress but invalidate its warranty. Thus, supported by latest technology based organic wetness protection management, Guardian’s mattress protector you can uphold the shine, spotlessness and sanitation of your expensive mattress.

  • Solid Construction

    All products from the house of Guardian are powerfully built incorporated with supple agile micro-fleece peripheral that acts as a wonderful fencing to protect bedding from the common exposure of perspiration, dead cells and dust mites. All cool series comes with avant-garde robust Weave-Skirting Mechanisms. With superlative standard construction all mattress protection tools are made easy going with all standard mattresses having 22 inch depth.

  • Preservation of Sleep Temperature

Included with biodegradable features, all cool series protectors are magnificently designed that bring you a cool, fresh and comfortable sleeping atmosphere all through the night. Backed by superior mechanism and latest Temperature Change Technology, every ‘cool’ protector help support the necessary sleeping warmth, accompanying you enjoys a fantastic cool sleeping experience.


EveryBed Common Features

  • Elegantly Designed
  • Superlative Fencing
  • Easy Washable
  • Breathable
  • Comes with Comprehensive 10 years Protection Plans

Guardian’s Furniture Protection Products

Geared up with extremely quipped state-of-the-art research, development and manufacturing units, learned chemists plus highly qualified researchers and product developers Guardian Protection Products, Inc brings you wide range of premium class furniture care products. The products can be bought online as well, from all Guardian’s authorized outlets and reputed furniture dealers nearest to your residence. Based on the high class American Research outcomes all its care products are free from harsh chemicals, solvents, toxic compounds and bleach. This makes the products 100% safe and ideal for fabric, vinyl, micro-fiber, wood, glass marble or leather items and top demanding in the global market.

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