Requirement Of Toronto backwater valve installation For Eradication Of Sewer Backflow

Sewer backflow is a problem, which people living in cities frequently experience, especially when there is a heavy rainfall or improper construction or installation of the sewer system or a particular part of it. In order, to prevent sewer backflow and its consequences like flooding of underground rooms, many methods have been devised among which backwater valve, a device specifically made for the prevention of overflow as well as backflow of sewer water, is the best option.

Use of Backwater valves

It is highly effective conception applied in the field of plumbing, which is designed for sewer protection and backup. In the past, homeowners needed backflow protection system for each room. Check valves were used, which were hard to access, maintain, and get damaged frequently.  Due to this issues experienced by the plumbers and home owner’s backwater valves were brought into existence. This made plumbing easier and more convenient.


The advantages of using a backwater valve for the elimination of sewer backflow are listed below:

  • It can be directly installed in main sewer drains. Thus you do not have to install numerous check valves all around your property.
  • Even if the backwater valve is at its normal place, it continues to be open which in turn helps in venting of gases, pulling the sewer gases inside, and freely removes waste water from the house.
  • If any kind of backflow occurs, then this valve closes itself and hinders its path so that there is no flooding in the house, especially the basement.


You should hire a professional and licensed plumber to install a backwater valve in your house. If you live in an old house, then it is recommended to get a backwater valve installed in your property as the risk of sewer backflow and the consequential flooding are very high.


If you want to get more information on backwater valves and the related services provided by a qualified plumber, you can go to, where you will find enough content written on these valves. Thus you gain proper insight into the backwater valve mechanism, services, installation procedure, etc.

Before getting a backwater valve installed in your house, you must see if you really require it or not. First evaluate your location with respect to the nearest sewer system and check the ground levels of the sewer system as well as your residential site. If you reside in a flood prone zone, then it is wise to have backwater valve installed.

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