Packing Efficiently for a Move

Moving is something that almost nobody enjoys. It is difficult and time-consuming and in many situations, it also very expensive. If you are trying to move and keep your finances at a manageable level, you need to take a few steps. Furthermore, there are situations that cannot be easily solved by just planning ahead. For example, you might have a hard time keeping your projected moving time to within one day. If you don’t want to spend multiple days moving or if you don’t have the money to spend multiple days moving, you need to plan accordingly. The best way to do this is to pack beforehand. You need to pack your belongings months to weeks in advance. Here are some steps you can take.


Months Before

Months before you move, you should begin to separate your belongings into different categories. You should make a category of belongings that you do not intend to use for years or ever again. If you don’t think you’ll use something ever again, you should put an easily identifiable tag on the item. The tags are typically coloured stickers that are used to mark book pages. These are common for people who move frequently. Then, once everything is marked accordingly, you can easily see how often you use something. If you start months before your move, you can determine what you do not use. That will make it much easier to determine what you should discard. Discarding items you don’t use makes it easier to move. It will also help you pack.

A Month or So Before

A month or so before you move is when you can determine which things you don’t use very often. If you don’t use them very often, you’ll be able to identify them with their own stickers. You can look at some other techniques at and book an appointment. Also, a month or so before your move is when you should book your appointment. If you know when you are going to move earlier than that, you should book then. It’s important to book as early as possible. However, booking a month or so before your move is absolutely essential to getting a good rate and finding time to schedule your move. Finally, once you’ve done that, you should pack up the things you don’t use very often.

A Week Before

A week or so before you move is the crucial time to pack up your belongings. You need to pack up everything that will be moving with you. It can sometimes be difficult to navigate a house that is covered in boxes but it’s far less difficult than trying to pack everything the day before the move. Some people even wait until the day of the move. That makes it take much longer and also makes it much more stressful. If you pack up a week before, you’ll have the chance to take your time and do it right. When moving day comes around, you’ll be ready.

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