Organise Your Life With Furniture Designed For YOU!

There a many ways to make a house a home, from decor and the things we choose to fill a home with to the people who fill our homes. One of the most creative, innovative and practical means of making the most of a house and turning it into a home that suits our own individual needs, style and taste is by investing in bespoke furniture, furnishings and fixtures. Deciding to have a home interior designed for us is a practical, cost effective and exciting way to own a space and really create something special. The control deciding to design and have your own vision created either with the help of or by a bespoke designer doesn’t just result in truly stunning aesthetic results or canny storage solutions, but further is the most satisfying and creative way of putting your own mark on a place.

Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture in London to suggest a designer, is the perfect example of somebody who, and whose team, is expert at creating the balance between style and storage. From kitchens designed not just to fit the parameters of your home or space, but which fit your lifestyle to inspired and storage smart nurseries and stylish bedrooms, Genda’s design skills know no limits. Further, Genda is a designer who understands how to create furniture that moves with the times, as she appreciates and understands how fashions are transient, as much as taste is. Hence, to get some further colour advice and tips on how to accentuate and accessorise a bespoke home, visit the Achica Living website, where Genda has also shared some of her top decor tips and tricks.

Bespoke Furniture

Furniture, creative and clever use of colour and furnishings aren’t the only means of putting your stamp on a place though. That is, going bespoke doesn’t just mean thinking beyond the catalogue; there really is no limit to the ways in which a home can ‘go bespoke’. Bespoke, meaning made for you, is limited almost only to the limitations placed upon a space by us, our imaginations, budget and taste preferences. Hence, as well as bespoke furniture, bespoke fixtures are well worth considering.

One bespoke fixture that can instantly provide a home with a real wow factor is to invest in a bespoke front door. Solid Wooden Doors’ bespoke front doors for example are an addition to a home which instantly greets anyone visiting or arriving home with something special. Beautiful both inside and out, Solid Wooden Doors’ bespoke doors are too one of the safest means of protecting your property; every door made by the Solid Wooden Doors company further to adding the protection, durability and low maintenance features provided by investing in a solid wooden front door, have received excellent ratings when it comes to thermal insulation and acoustic properties. This means that they keep the warmth in, the noise out and are the best means of protecting your home and family from unwanted intruders. Hence, to really celebrate a bespoke interior, there is no finer way than by investing in a bespoke front door. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Solid Wooden Doors further create bespoke internal doors for those wishing to really take full advantage of all things bespoke and turn their house into their dream home.

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