Modern Home Design Tips for DIYers

For DIYers, home design is a rewarding experience. Renovating homes, from a DIY perspective, is the perfect way to increase your home’s value. If you’re interested in turning your home into a modern space, you should know about some interior design strategies you can implement in order to achieve the perfect modern aesthetic.


There are a lot of characteristics that define modern interior design. Designers often approach modernism from a geometric perspective. Polygonal shapes are very important. Cabinets might have flat surfaces, and lighting fixtures might look like spheres, while tables might look like cubes.

Along with polygonal shapes, you might want to implement a few bold colours. Bright oranges, whites, and blues can go really nicely together. Your room’s focal point should be the object with the brightest colour; for instance, in the living room, you might want the couch to be the centre of attention, that means you should pick a couch with bright colours. The couch, however, should not be multi-coloured, modern interior design often calls for single coloured elements.

Glass and chrome are two important features in modern interior design. If you have a two-story home, you can get rid of your wooden handrail on the stairs and replace it with a glass balustrade. Glass and chrome brighten up each room and increase visibility.

Matte versus Gloss

Another important thing to keep in mind when renovating your home is that there should be a distinct balance between matte and gloss textures. You can achieve this effect by keeping furniture such as tables, chairs, and couches matte, while using mirrors and glass to bring in glossy elements. Nothing should be too shiny, but you should also avoid making everything too dull. There should always be a balance between gloss and matte.


A lot of DIYers get stuck on their backyards. How are you supposed to make the backyard modern? You could always tear down your old patio cover and replace it with a shade sail, which are covers are made out of flat canvas cut into squares or triangles, and tied to cylindrical posts mounted in the ground. The shape of the canvas can compliment your polygonal style, and in a lot of cases, the canvas can create more shade than a patio cover can.

Find an Online Supplier

So where can you get all of these materials? Well, for the furniture, you can find several furniture stores that sell modern furniture, but for custom projects, you might want to find an online supplier. Not all hardware stores will be able to carry the types of bolts and clamps you need, especially for elements like balustrades or shade sails.

Online suppliers are more likely to carry the hardware you’re looking for. Shopping online is also more convenient because you don’t have to leave your house. Rather than making several trips to the store, order everything online so that you can keep working on your project. You’ll find that using an online hardware supplier is not only more convenient, but is also cheaper.


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