Liven Up Your Hot Tub Experience

It’s a wonderful thing to have your own hot tub or spa on hand to use whenever you feel like it. You can use it to enhance your exercise regime, help you to lose weight or to improve your health. A hot tub has many uses but after a while you may feel you want to get that little bit more from it. If that’s the case then perhaps you should take a look at and consider adding a fragrance to your hot tub to liven things up a little. You do however need to make sure it has been specially produced to use in such an environment as adding a normal aromatherapy oil to the water could lead to all sorts of problems.

Your Options

Take a look at the Hydrotherapies Wellness Collection by inSPAration which is developed and manufactured in southern California and was the first to market such a product which could be used by the hot tub and spa industry. What makes this product unique is that it will also moisturise your skin whilst you are enjoying the water.

Lightening The Mood

Depending on which fragrance you choose will bring a different mood to the experience. So if you want to feel uplifted then perhaps the peppermint eucalyptus blend would be a good one to go for. If you prefer to create a more peaceful atmosphere then go for the chamomile instead. Those who want to go for a touch of the exotic should try out the youthful sandalwood variety whilst those who enjoy a clean fresh fragrance should give the tangerine fragrance a try. Of course it all depends on what sort of mood you are out to create and what type of fragrance you enjoy the best. There is no doubt though that it will transform your hot tub time into something a bit more interesting and enjoyable.

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