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Novel and Breath-taking Designs

Architectural designs have come a long way. From the ancient times when humans lived in caves and then in houses thatwere built with leaves and wood till times when they moved on to living in tents and until present days when amazingly magnificent structures are built as homes, architecture has managed to keep up with the high pace of human development.

Sometimes, you might be tempted to say architectural designs have exceeded the average speed of human evolution itself. The built-in comforts and designs are clearly not of this age. This may explain the awe and surprises that greet recent, modern architectural designs and structures.

Indeed, the complexity and grandeur of modern designs confirm how far we’ve gone in terms of structural design. It is said that architects are capable of seeing projects and structures that are not in existence, complete them even before a block is lifted! So, it’s literarily possible to live in the future today.

Not only that. Architects do not only see such structures, they complete their designs and constructions with the aid of modern technology which brings them into tangible appreciable states. Then, give a perfect rendition of the structures in crystal clear 3D model and drawings with incisive precision.

A 3D sketch from an architect

If you have a picture of your future home or office in your mind and you wish to bring it to live so that you can see it, you can visit anonline platform and find the best architect in your area.

Once you’ve entered the platform you will be provided with a list of professional architectural designers in your area. The list will be made in accordance with your requirements and budget. Experts will offer you a range of services in 3D modelling, planning, budgeting, design, and construction administration for your desired home or commercial structure. You will know how long it will take, how much it will be and what it will look like even before it’s built.

Let’s consider a range of building designs that will give you a better understanding of modern architectural designs.

Residential Buildings

This is an architectural design that focuses more on the construction of edifice and structures for a living. This ranges from typical homes scattered all over the cities to mighty edifices constructed for highly successful individuals.

You don’t have to go far, you can logon to YouDo and discuss the matter with professionals to figure out the type that is most appropriate for you. You can have an affordable home customised to your taste with your local laws and regulations taken into consideration with no stress at all.

A cute moderate home with an exquisite design//

Designs for Religious Structures

This will be more on structures designed to be used for worship purposes like churches, mosques and shrines among others. They are usually built to tolerate traffic with large spaces both within and around the structure.

Commercial Designs

This kind of architectural work focuses more on larger ventures for businesses and/or government entities. It also includes designs for public buildings such as libraries, shopping malls, government facilities and so on.

Recent architectural designs of public places are not just made to make facilities look beautiful, but to satisfy users with pleasant interface that enhance convenience.

While constructing commercial buildings architects have to consider a lot of things: landscape, style of buildings around, concept of the building, what it will be used for, etc. Picture below is an example of a commercial structure

A 3D design of a shopping mall//

Industrial Designs

Industrial design focuses on construction of massive structures that support commercial purposes and commerce. These are undertaken by civil engineers and the projects involved include massive projects like hydroelectric dams, bridges across waters and lands and other technical projects.

Interior Designs

Though these designs are not considered as mainstream architecture, but a growing number of architects are now getting involved in how the designs of the interior parts of your structures should look. Beyond the exterior drawings and designs we are used to from architects, this goes in to ensure beautiful, richly furnished interior design.

These have largely affected and improved the internal aestheticism.


Green Designs

As the name suggests, these kinds of designs are built to be environment-friendly. They are mostly built with solar panels, underground rooms and the inbuilt features are designed to reduce the amount of energy consumed thereby exerting less pressure on the environment.

This kind of design is relatively new but it’s gradually getting more popular and more people are embracing the design to support the environment. More government institutions and multinational companies are also getting involved in a move to be seen as being eco-friendly.

One Central Park, Sydney

Find Your Architectural Style

Every man has a taste for aesthetic and attractive structures. But, ultimately, a number of factors like finances, the size and the landscape of the location to be used, laws guiding building and constructions in your locality among many others can be more important than your taste.

All you need to do is visit and consult with trusted and professional architects who will help you find a balance between your tastes, your resources and ensure you get the best deal at the finest cost.

Certified and professional architects enlisted on You Do will offer you a collaborative design approach that will produce personalised, cost-effective and cutting-edge innovative solutions that you’ve always dreamed of.

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