Why should any landlord in Bristol hire a letting agent?

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If you own a property in United Kingdom and want to let for profit you should hire letting agency because they will Take care of all legal requirements which are frequently changing among other very important rules I mention here.

And I want to emphasize all news inform us that according to the latest UK regulations there are legal requirements that landlords simply can’t fulfill on their own. so if you are landlord in Bristol or London for example you have to hire a letting agent in Bristol to deal with all legal requirements

Why should any landlord in Bristol hire a letting agent:-

  • Finding tenant very fast for your property:

    • The most important job of a good letting agent is to advertise your property efficiently to thousands of potential tenants looking for property to rent in the area.
    • If you have some specific requirements when it comes to tenants like non smokers, students or bachelors, the letting agency is the best one to find you suitable renters for your property.
    • A good agent carefully will carries out your reference checks so you can be assured that the tenants will take good care of your property and pay the rent on time.

  • Takes care of small repairs and maintenance

    • If you hire a good letting agent he will probably have a large network of plumbers, gardeners and electricians etc. fixing a problem should be easy task for him as it is one of his day to day job duties. And I should mention that some letting agency work only in marketing and letting your property while others so building management as well. So if you want let the agency to manage the building for you, you should research well before hiring the agency which will work for long time for you and make sure they able to carry out frequent inspections to make sure the renter is looking after your property

  • Negotiate with tenants on your behalf for the rental price of the property: With a reputed letting agent working for you, you don’t have to negotiate for the rent, they can evaluate your property and put a fair rent fee and negotiate along the way the tenants.

How to hire a good letting agent in Bristol:-

  • The professional letting agent always has client money protection, so ask about their client money protection.
  • Make sure the terms and conditions are very clear about what the landlord and tenant are responsible for.
  • You should make sure they be Clair on their charged fees.
  • Make sure the agency is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS ) or Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), these organisations are very important because they keep their members in all UK up-to-date with the law and regulations.
  • Make sure the contract obligate them to carry out regular property period checks to make sure the tenants take care of your property.

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