How To Protect Yourself When Carrying Out Building And Electrical Jobs

No matter how careful you are when carrying out any building or electrical work, there is always the risk of an accident happening. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to protect yourself with suitable equipment and clothing (PPE) to minimise this risk, but what sort of equipment should you be using?


Invest In Good Quality PPE

The first thing to consider is that it’s of good quality and produced by a reputable company. Look out for Dust Masks by Draper for example which is a company that has been producing items such as this for many years and has built up a reliable reputation for good quality at an affordable price.

Ear Defenders

Draper also make some excellent Ear Defenders as well for those noisy jobs where you could risk damaging your hearing. So whilst drilling through that tough brick wall, make sure you don’t put your hearing at risk by wearing them every time.

Protect Your Skin & Hands

The skin on your hands always seems to take several knocks, particularly on the knuckles doing these types of jobs so protect them with a pair of Industrial Gloves or, if the work you are doing means the gloves are likely to get wet, invest in some Wet Work Gloves which are PVC coated and come with a cotton wrist for a snug fit.

And Your Eyes

Safety Goggles are also another must have item. Eyes can be very sensitive to dust and dirt at the very least when working with drills or any type of cutting equipment so make sure you protect them every time from damage by flying masonry and debris.

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Remember Your Visibility

It’s also vital that you are visible at all times when working as part of a team, perhaps on a construction site so make sure you wear your High Visibility Vest to comply with the law and prevent accidents from happening.

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