How to choose the perfect chair for your living room

Whether it’s the kitchen table, or the dining room table, pairing with the correctly chairs is not a detail to be overlooked in furnishing the house. The choice is not easy, mainly because the market offers a wide variety of products.

There are no precise rules to follow to make the pairing in the right way, so that you can choose chairs that are in line or in contrast with the style of the table. The important thing is to do it with good taste and carefully consider the combination.

From several years, the purchase and the choice of the chairs and the table is done separately and not necessarily together.

To start, you have to consider the overall style of the dining area. The antique style foresees dark wood tables combined with chairs covered with precious fabrics such as damask.

For the shabby chic style, tables and chairs will be pickled finish wood and the chairs can be coated with striped fabrics or flowers in pastel tones.

In a rustic dining room, it is necessary to focus on the wood, both for the table and for the chairs. The most used woods are traditionally cherry and oak. Generally, it tends not to break the material line, so if the table is in a certain essence of wood, as will be the chairs. Rather, you may decide to switch to classic sessions a beautiful bench.

If you love the contemporary style, you can dare contrasting combinations, and you can use innovative materials. Usually, in this type of environment, the table is of very light wood, clean and minimal, or crystal, able to make the sophisticated and luminous space.

In this last case, the chairs that are matched are in black or white leather to give a chic touch, or in a bright colour such as red, for a more extravagant look. For a eccentric pairing, you can dare with chairs made of polymers such as methacrylate polymers or composites.

In general, a very linear table and one colour, you can match special and very colourful chairs who could attract attention, while, if you want to bring out the table, it is preferable combine contemporary chairs that will be limited to their practical function and therefore, more linear or transparent.

One of the latest trends is to match the table and chairs in different styles. You can mix old and new, vintage and classic, colours and forms, the important thing is to have good and distinctive taste: a solution often adopted is the classic table with contemporary chairs.


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