Hot Tub Or Spa Problems That Can Be Easily Solved

When it comes to owning a hot tub or spa, you may find that your property or garden is not quite as “standard” as you would like. It could be that you don’t have a flat area to stand your desired purchase on and are concerned it may mean you can’t have a hot tub without a lot of preparation and work taking place. If that’s the case then take a look at a Smart Deck, one of the most innovative products available from Aqua Spa Supplies.

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An Alternative To A Patio Or Decking

A Smart Deck comprises of interlocking panels which allows the customer to choose the size of deck they need for their hot tub or spa. It’s an alternative to a concrete patio or wooden deck and can be slotted together quickly and easily. It can fully support the weight of any hot tub or spa and can be used as a temporary base or be left in place permanently. Each set comprises of 8 x 24inch panels which come delivered to you in two boxes for easy transportation and lifting. So, two sets (that’s 16 panels) will form an area that’s 8 x 8 ftsq; if you want a bigger area then just buy additional panels to suite your requirements. Being black in colour with a textured surface means it will always look smart and appealing.

A Booster Seat For The Little Ones

Not everyone is a standard size either and if you are a bit on the short side you may wonder how you are going to use a hot tub comfortably and safely without the water lapping over your face. One easy solution to this would be to use a Booster Seat to raise you up above the water level. Just fill with water from a standard hose and attach to the seat with the suction cups to prevent it from moving. It’s made from a heavy duty heat resistant material and is a great solution if a child wants to use the hot tub.


At the end of the day, everyone is unique and that does, of course, mean a multitude of problems in all walks of life, certainly when it comes to using and enjoying a hot tub. Thankfully, most problems have been experienced before, meaning there’s a solution on the market, usually, one which doesn’t break the bank (and your enjoyment of your purchase).

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