History of Maple Syrup


From the ancient times, people have been using natural sweeteners in place of sugar when sugar had not been invented. Though, the exact history of sugaring is unknown, it has been accounted that maple syrup has been used for the first time in North America in 1557.

Earlier, maple syrup was prepared at homes only. But in this modern era, there exist a number of shopping options, one of which is an online portal of Maple Syrup Direct that offers with the supreme maple syrup in a reasonable price.

The real origin of maple sugar

Maple sap is the origin of maple sugar in the sense that maple sugar is created using maple sap only. Maple sap is the liquid that is contained within the three most popular maple trees; sugar, red and black maple trees. Maple sap is processed upon and produced into maple sugar.

Maple syrup industry was born when the Civil War came into the picture. Most early producers of maple syrup were dairy farmers who used to generate maple syrup during the off-season of their farm so that they can add some extra bucks to their income. Moreover, some farmers used to prepare it for their own use only.

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Maple syrup-journey in gist

It was late 1700s and early 1800s when maple was first discovered to be used as a sweetener. People then started preparing maple sugar but maple syrup was still on the way. Lately, with the introduction of Civil War in the world, birth of maple syrup industry also took place and with this there was a noticeable change in the sugar industry as well.

With the recent increment of food industries, there has been a sudden increase in the maple syrup industry as well. The increasing demand of low-calorie natural and healthy sweetener has gained maple syrup a real fame.


Maple syrup’s history is yet not known completely but you can get a basic notion of how it came in front of the bars. Unlike old days, maple syrup can be bought online these days by exploring Maple Syrup Direct. It is an online portal that assures to deliver the chief quality maple syrup in an affordable price.

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