Few Lines about the Application and Types of Metal Detector

Metal Detector

As the term suggests, it is a device used to identify hidden metal of any kind. It may be weapons, coins, scrap, valuable metals or live wires. Its best application is in the field of security. Hidden weapons or explosive bombs can be easily detected to prevent any kind of mishap.

Few of the common zones where the metal detecting device is applicable:

  • Security and Military sector: Multiple kind of metal detecting tools are used for forwarding security measures.
  • Constructors: Before starting to build any kind of building construction, the crew have to know about the presence of any live wires. They try to locate steel reinforcement bars, pipes and wires. It helps in preventing any kind of damage in the plumbing or wiring of the building.
  • Land mine detection: It is regularly used by military to search land mines present underneath several layers of soil. Thus, the officials are able to easily detonate it.
  • Treasure hunting: Best device for beach combing, coin search and verifying the presence of valuable metals like gold and silver

There are various kinds of metal detectors. Some of them can detect metal objects one or two feet below the surface of the soil and few sensitive devices can search far below the earth’s surface.

Metal Detector

Few of the popularly used metal detectors are:

  • Very Low Frequency detector: Commonly known as VLF is vastly used by its users to identify hidden metals. It is simply designed by using two round coils and an electronic circuit. The outer coil acts as a transmitter and the inner one amplifies even low frequency magnetic reflection emitted by the hidden metal. The circuit is a ‘tuner’, which helps the user to identify the kind of metal present beneath the surface.
  • Pulse Induction: PI is used by treasure hunters to search items deep inside the earth surface. The working system is similar to VLF. The only difference is that it automatically switches modes and tunes in accordance to the identified metal. It filters any kind of stray signals. Hence, you are able to search out the metals easily and accurately. It is little expensive, but worth the money.
  • Beat Frequency Oscillation: It is mostly used by beginners because of its simplicity. Economical to buy and best to be utilised till you get used to complicated metal detectors. The only disadvantage is that it does not elucidate between thrash and valuable metals compared to other popular metal detectors.

At present, the most sought after detecting device, metalliotsija is the portable unit. It is mostly applicable to search bags, objects or clothes. It is designed in special shape and is quite sensitive and thus easily applicable. They can be held in hand, as they are lightweight and quite small to be carried in pocket or held in wrist. It operates even in less power and has rechargeable batteries.  Most technically advanced detectors can even find out a metal implement present in the body.

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