How To Deal With Clog Due To Tree Root?

Tree roots can grow through the drain pipe holes or sewer lines causing clogs. This is very common in floor drains, sewer drains and roof drains. The clog in floor drain can be removed, but it is not easy to remove if it is a tree root without damaging the pipes. Same applies to sewer drain as well as roof drain. Not all methods would work on a tree root. You cannot suck or plunge a tree root out. There is no possibility of snaking it out either. There is no way that your vinegar solution would help you in this scenario. Bio cleaners would work if the tree root is dried and lifeless. If it is from a live tree, bacteria cannot do not help either. Here are three main ways to deal with this problem.Image result for How To Deal With Clog Due To Tree Root?

Root removal chemical solution

There are numerous types of chemical solutions which are marketed for killing tree roots. It would prevent the root from growing in that area for a year or so. It also kills that part of root. This solution will not damage the other trees in that area as it would not come in contact with the roots of other plants.  This is a chemical drain cleaner solution and will have all the characteristics of a chemical cleaner including the fact that it is toxic to environment, harsh on skin and creating fumes that causes irritation. Be cautious while using it. Repeated using of this solution can cause damage to the pipes.

Mechanical cutter

If the tree roots have invaded too much into the drain, the chemical drain cleaners will take a very long time to clean out the roots. This is where the mechanical cutter comes handy. This is very similar to a mechanical auger. It will have a small mechanical cutter in the tip. This rotating cutter will saw the tree roots that break it into small pieces that flow down the drain. The only disadvantage is that the tree roots tend to keep growing back in the place and thus, you may have to use it repeatedly. It is better to leave it to the professionals, as you may damage the pipes. There are many rental places where you can find a mechanical cutter for rent too.

Dig up

This is the last resort for this problem and the most expensive one. If you had neglected the sewer line for several years and the tree roots have occupied each and every corner of the pipeline, there is no point in using chemicals or sawing it with the cutter. You might have to hire a plumber who would dig out the pipe and replace it. This procedure would take a lot of time and is costly. There is a similar method called as trenchless procedure. In this method, the pipe is relined using epoxy material into the line that is already present. This is a durable method but an expensive one.

You cannot randomly choose a method that you like. You need to hire a professional who would examine the pipes. He would locate the area of root problem and the degree of the problem and suggest you a solution. Just because you can hire a mechanical cutter, do not start cutting it. You might end up breaking the pipelines and this would lead to replacing the pipes.

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