Bathroom Vanity Units with Basins

If you are a neat freak or a very organized person, then you will be as concerned about an organized bathroom as for the rest of the house. Sinks or basins are often seen cluttered with bathroom utilities like soaps, face washes and toothbrushes. This gives a very messy look. Moreover, water can collect under these utilities risking hygiene. Bathrooms cannot be made completely dry but they could be organized properly.

Vanity Units

Vanity units are used to unclutter the bathroom. Many of the utilities can be stored neatly and easily inside vanity cabinets. You can also store bathroom essentials like towels and tissue rolls inside them. They add a touch of class to your bathrooms while making them look more spacious, Bella Bathrooms are a great supplier of them.

Using Vanity Units with Basins

Many bathrooms have separate vanity units. However, you can insert a sink that comes with a fitted vanity unit. Vanity units right under the sink help easy access to bathroom utilities. Separate vanity units can take more space. Vanity units with basins are more convenient. These days, you can choose vanity units from a selection of styles and colours. Innovative designs are available for people interested in interior designing for their bathrooms.


Selecting the Right Vanity Unit


It is important to know how much space is available in your bathroom. You will have to select a vanity unit that can easily fit into your bathroom. However, most of the designs available on the market are space saving.

Colour Scheme

Know about the colour combination of your bathroom. Select a colour that matches or complements the existing colour scheme of your bathroom. Sink ceramic has colours like gloss white, red and black.


There are many styles available on the market. You should select something that will look good with other sanitary units of the bathroom. Choices range from traditional looking sinks to wall hanging vanity units.

Storage Capacity

Vanity units can range from single storage units to multiple cabinets or drawers. You should keep the amount of storage stuff under consideration. It is recommended that you always buy something with extra space so that it might come handy for later.


Sinks are made of ceramics with wooden vanity units installed under them. You should have some awareness about the quality of the ceramic and wood. Wood also has different finishes so choose something that looks good with the rest of the bathroom. Wooden veneer range includes oak, natural oak and walnut. Vanity units might even have glass shelves.


Price can vary according to quality of material and style. Don’t go for something expensive and luxurious if the other stuff in your bathroom does not match that level. There is no use of spending extra money on something that doesn’t fit.

Bathroom vanity units with basins are a great way to add space and organization to your bathroom. Many people ignore to make bathrooms look tidy. Bathrooms are an extension to your rooms so they deserve the same attention.

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