Apartment Hacks to Make It More Luxurious

Everybody loves design and aesthetics. The sense of luxury that oozes from celebrity homes and glossy home deco magazines are just downright fascinating to us all. If you’re not equipped with the bling and the cash in the bank, recreating those fancy apartments and homes are sadly impossible. Nevertheless this article will be your guide on splurging minimally to achieve that luxury look of an apartment that you always wanted. Go ahead, make your way in getting the look of an expensive apartment while staying in budget.

Addition of creative molding and sculptures

Elegant detailing is a main focal point when it comes to home decor. These detailing can be complimented with the use of creative moldings. If your style of decor is minimalism, white furniture or some splash of color blocking, the use of molding and intricate detailing and elevate the appearance of your home from small time to radiating elegance.

The smart choice of the color black

Whilst most people will disagree of the use of black in to their homes, this color has a sense of dark luxury that can be achieved by strategically using it. Notice that many of the celebrity homes or catalogue pictures of modern and expensive apartments, a touch of black is always visible. Therefore to get this look all you need is a bucket of black paint and a Sunday afternoon to get this started. Pain your doors in black and be amazed at the luxe feel it gives out. If you have left over paint and more spare time, go ahead and paint one part of your wall in black. With the proper lighting effect, placement of candles or large chandelier that can be purchased from the local flea market will bring the luxury effect right to your feet. Purchase leather lounges Sydney in the color black to make the best use of the luxe.

The right drapes for the right windows

Drapes play a huge role in the overall outlook of your home. It can either make or break the elegance you wish to achieve. Create the illusion of space and large rooms by correctly placing drapes that hung from ceiling to floor. To complete the look of elegance opt for sheer white curtains that soften the look and gives an expensive feel.

The correct type of lighting

Throw away those old and outdated light fixtures and go for the modern and creative lightings that just chic to your apartment style. Browse through your local department store or flea market and purchase some creative lightning that will sure to add some flare to your home.

Cost effective home accessories

Be extravagant and purchase expensive looking accessories that can add a touch of class to your home. Shiny silvers, fine china or exquisite crafty mirrors do come in significant price tag, yet it’s worth to be displayed in your home to obtain the luxury feel. If you have time in your hands, go ahead and DIY some creative decor that you can even show it off to your friends and family. Avoid making the mistake of excessive spending on sofas and couches instead the smart choice would be to accessorize.

Place metallic décors

Metallic colors such as gold, silver, copper can enhance and add pop of glimmer to your interior. Add a touch of gold by either painting or placing gold accessories to make the room look bold and extravagant.

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