Aluminum Blinds Pros and Cons

Aluminum is a material to consider when you plan to put blinds at home but, as any of them, it has pros and cons to consider and it is up to you to decide what weighs more in your needs.

First and foremost, price is a decisive factor on any home upgrade and aluminum blinds are cheap. If you are on a tight budget, aluminum blinds are a good option because they are very affordable when compared to real wood for example. They are also very trendy and fashionable lately.

They are very thin and this is very good in blinds because the light comes through them much better than it does with other materials like wood. This is without the need to raise them, just to tilt the vanes in a way that light can come through it.


The array of colors is another advantage for aluminum blinds because there are many colors. Actually any of them because aluminum can be painted in any color so, you have literally every color in the spectrum to choose from. From basic white to the shiniest metallic color, you will have a world of choices available if you go for aluminum blinds.

They are very durable, much more than many other materials because, after all, they are made of metal. If you purchase good quality aluminum blinds you can use them for life. Also, they are 100% resistant to moisture and are a good choice for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms. Cleaning them is very easy and you can use any liquid like water to do it.

Many manufacturers use eco-friendly techniques and make their products with 100% recycled metal which is a good way to save our planet and have cool blinds at the same time.

But they also have some cons like for example the noise. Metal is quite noisy at the windows and, if you leave the window open while your blinds are down you are likely to have a very nasty noise around the house even if there is not much wind.

They are easy to collect dust and due to their shiny nature, it is very easy to notice. While some manufacturers use treatments to repel dust, some others do not and this makes a problem because right after you cleaned them they start to collect dust again. If you went for a very shiny design, you are going to clean them really often.

The last problem they have is they are easy to bend when the gauge of the vanes is thin. If you have kids at home, they are not the best option because kids love to play with them (as with any other thing around) and they are very easy to get bent because of this. Aluminum blinds are durable but they don’t resist abuse so, you can’t play around with them. Aluminum blinds are not the safest for children either, although many manufacturers have already fixed this in their latest designs.

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