Advice for Choosing Home Windows

Windows play a very important role in making a home look more appealing and inviting. They connect exteriors of the house with the interiors. There is nothing more beautiful than admiring outside beauty of the world through the comfort of your house through the medium called windows. Apart from providing safety and security to your home, windows plays a major role in styling the home, increasing its aesthetic value.

It is a simple logic to choose a window to match with architectural appearance of your home. However, you should always seek cost-effective windows, providing cooling and heating benefits to the home. Choosing energy efficient windows will help reduce thermal transmission, thereby giving lesser electricity bills.

Choosing the Right Material for Frame

Gone are the days when only wood was considered as framing option for windows. Depending upon the specific requirement people can now choose from a variety of materials design and frame windows.

  • Wood – Wooden frames provide high thermal resistance but require more maintenance than other materials. They are mostly preferred for the formal and elegant look they provide. Annual checks for taking care of warps, gaps, insect infestation, and corrosion should be done.
  • Aluminum – This material does not provide insulation value but their strength makes them a practical choice for rainy and humid regions and is best choice for the areas prone to hurricanes. Alumiiniumaknad also give more aesthetic and modern look to the home.

Home Windows

  • Vinyl -Vinyl is the cheapest material in this list. Nevertheless, it gives more value by providing many benefits like better thermal performance, lightweight, less condensation, zero corrosion,and easy maintenance.
  • Wood-Clad -With an exterior of vinyl or aluminum, the maintenance of wood-clad windows is low and gives more hardware choices. However, proper installation is required along with waterproofing solution.
  • Fiberglass -Main features of fiberglass frames are their durability, good thermal conductivity, and strength. Another benefit of fiberglass windows is that you can re-paint it several times, which helps to mix and match its color during home renovation.
  • Composite – The wood scrapings, plastic resins are recycled to form composite material, which makes it an eco-friendly option for windows frames. The range of colors is wide to choose from and the material is maintenance free.
  • Steel – Steel windows are known for their strength and durability, but they do not provide thermal resistance and commercial look.

Choosing the Right Glass

The basic features to be considered before choosing the glass for window are:

  • Safety and security
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Thermal resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Noise reduction

Keeping these basic features in view you can choose from wide range of glasses like laminated glass, toughened glass, annealed glass, patterned glass, coated glass, etc., with several decorative options. There is an increase in the popularity of application of nanotechnology to make self-cleaning glasses. The ultra-thin invisible nano-coating makes the glass dirt and water repellent along with making it resistant toward scratches and abrasions. Nonetheless, it depends on your needs as to which material type should your windows be based on.

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