4 Hidden Uses For Your Vacuum Cleaner

If you are like most people, you probably only use your vacuum cleaner a few times a month as part of a schedule or, perhaps, when you need to clean up a mess. But did you know that these Vacupro machines are actually pretty versatile and have many other benefits that you may not know be aware of.


Have you ever tried to catch something falling from the counter or table only to see it bounce or roll under the refrigerator?  Or maybe you know there is an earring that fell behind the boudoir.  Maybe some coins have been sacrificed to the couch gods.Image result for 4 Hidden Uses For Your Vacuum Cleaner

Well, instead of moving heavy furniture and rearranging your home, you could actually just use your vacuum cleaner.  You probably have an old pair of pantyhose or nylons—or even just a thin pair of socks—you can place over the suction end of the hose of your vacuum.  Secure the filter with a rubber band and power on the vacuum cleaner. In a sweeping motion begin to hunting between the cushions or under the stove and before long you will strike gold.


If you rearrange your furniture—and your living room is carpeted—you will notice divots in the carpet.  Obviously, this happens from constant and consistent weight of heavy furniture, over time.  While these divots are only cosmetic they can be quite unsightly; so if you want to fix them you can just melt an ice cube in each of these divots.  Once they have completely melted simply vacuum over them and—voila—no more divots!

BONUS! Speaking of carpet cleaning: drop a cotton ball saturated with essential oils into the bag of your vacuum cleaner to infuse these scents into the carpet the next time you vaccum.


It might seem a bit odd, but this actually works pretty well in a pinch.  If you notice your household dog or cat is shedding a bit much—or needs to but has not been—you can actually take the hose of your vacuum, again, and this time attach the crevice tool and brush attachments.  

INFLATE AN AIR MATTRESS (or another inflatable)

Finally—and only if you have an old-school bagged vacuum—you can set the machine to “reverse” to blow air out through the hose instead of suck air in. This, in turn, acts just like an electric air pump!

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