3 Top Tips For Choosing A New Kitchen

The kitchen is often the room that many people spend the most time in, besides the living room, and the heart of your home. A new kitchen is possibly one of the more expensive purchases you will make for your home, so it is important to get it right.

With that in mind, we are bringing you our 3 top tips for choosing a new kitchen, to help you ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Think function

Choosing a new kitchen goes beyond just deciding on the style you would like, although of course that is important. You also need to take the time to think carefully about what function you need from the room. For example, do you want it to be a space just for cooking, or do you want to incorporate dining or laundry into the room?

Aston Designs, who are kitchen and bathroom specialists told us “so often people fail to plan ahead when choosing a kitchen, but it is important to look beyond your current lifestyle and anticipate any requirements you may have in the future. For example if your family is likely to expand, you may wish to incorporate a dining area into the kitchen. The last thing you want is to install your dream kitchen, only to realise in a few years that you need to replace it again so soon.”

Consider storage options

It is well worth taking the time to carefully plan out the storage in your kitchen. People often make the mistake of not allowing for enough storage at the planning stage, so think about everything you will need room for, as well as any clever ways you can maximise space.

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Think about all of the things you want to keep out of sight, and allow for storing away appliances so they don’t clutter surfaces. Installing cupboards right to the ceiling makes use of otherwise wasted space in small kitchens, and pull out storage is a great option where cupboards go into corners.

Also think about bins and recycling. Do you want these to be hidden away, or stand alone? Either way make sure that you have enough room.

Durability and safety

Think carefully about how durable the materials you choose are for your lifestyle, and whether they will be easy to clean and maintain. For example, a tiled work surface may look good but be tricky to clean, and the grout may not stand the test of time.

Stone floors may need resealing, so bear this in mind if you have your heart set on them, and find out how often you would need to do this.

Also consider safety, and think about whether flooring materials might be slippy, and consider rounded edges on counter tops. Think about the height of stovetops if there are children in your home.

We hope that this has helped you out with a few ideas of things to bear in mind when choosing your new kitchen. If you are looking for design inspiration to see what can be achieved in different spaces, why not check out this great gallery from House Beautiful?

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