3 tips to take care of new hedges

Right from an early stage, one must make sure to prune new hedges in order to avoid unhealthy and leggy growth as well as to establish a shape. The amount you can prune back will most likely depend on the kind of hedge.

Here are some tips on taking care of new hedges:

  1. Make sure you start with the shaping of the hedge as soon as it is practical. Usually the shapes of hedges, be it established or new must follow one simple rule – they need to be tapered so that it is wider at the bottom end that at the top. This will ensure that the lower portion will get all the sunlight it needs for proper growth.
  2. Once you establish the hedge, you will need to make sure that regular maintenance is done in order to ensure the shape is well-defined and neat and the shrub is healthy. An experienced hedge cutter would be able to trim hedges by eye, but it would always be better for you to set the lengths of your lines with a string taut running through the canes.
  3. If you notice a formal hedge going out of shape, doing some extreme cutting would be the only way. You should keep in mind though that this sort of a method may not be the best for all species of hedges. For instance, Conifers would react badly is you try cutting the older portions. Be sure to do a thorough check with the nursery about care of the species you have bought.

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